Death Selfie – Last Click: At Venna Dam in Nagpur, 8 people died while taking selfies on Sunday. According to the police, 11 people were walking on a boat and roaming in the dam. During this time some youths began to take dance and singing, causing the boat’s balance to be spoiled and the accident took place.

The Death Selfie was waiting for the last click, selfie took his life

Death Selfie – Last Click – India Virlas |

However, this is not the only case. Even before that selfie has killed many people. Today we are going to tell you about 7 such cases. Kapal’s selfies killed during taking.

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Portugal’s Cabo de Rocca is quite popular for tourists. Every year many tourists visit and take selfies to see the beauty here. Some time ago a couple from Poland came to visit here.

While both were taking selfies while having fun, their feet slipped and they died after falling into a deep gorge about 100 meters below. It is said that in 2014 when the incident took place, both of their children were also funny.

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