Salman Khan had said, do not spoil my song: Varun Dhawan. Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan is presently in the promotion of his release film ‘Twin 2‘. At the same time, Varun responded to questions related to his film in conversation.

Salman Khan had said, do not spoil my song: Varun Dhawan – India Virals |

Varun said that Salman did not find any tips for acting in the film, but Salman had clearly refused to change the hook step of the song to sing ‘Nine to Twelve‘. Salman believed that by putting a new step in this song, the song would get spoiled.

do not spoil my song

Varun Dhawan explains, “Salman Khan had not given any tips in acting, but he definitely said that the hook step of the song ‘ton ton tones … nine to twelve’ … just like before.

Keep it, do not spoil it by mixing it with a new style. Apart from this, Salman Khan had sent me a bag of jeans for Raja’s role in the film and said that wearing this jeans for the king. Seeing Salman Khan’s fiancee jeans will surely be happy. It was more difficult than playing two characters in ‘Twin 2’, all those characters who had to sit and sit, walk and talk about things that would separate me for both…

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