A doctor just take 2 Rs fees : It is believed that Doctor is another form of God. Doctors give patients a new life by trying their best ever possible way. But in this world, there are some doctors who can go to any extent in the looting of the patients. Also, there are some doctors whose consultation fees are of big budget.

But there is a 67-year-old doctor Thiruvengadam Veeraraghavan. Since 1973, he has been treating the people of Chennai with a fee of only two rupees. This doctor’s name is in the headlines not only in the surrounding areas. For taking 2 rupees, people have started saying ‘Doctor of Rupees 2’ to him.

However, after coming to headlines on newspapers and social media, Dr. Veeraraghavan became so famous that other doctors started opposing him. Doctors told him to charge a minimum of rupees 100.

He Just just took 2 Rs Fees

But this did not take the change the intentions of doctor Veeraraghavan and he found an unsurpassed way to avoid this problem. Now he left the account of fees entirely on his patients.

What should be the transaction fees. These things are now on his patients. Now the patients can give him food to eat in the form of fees or can go without giving him anything.

Doctor Thiruvengadam says that he spend his money in the studies to become a doctor. He has studied only for the service of the society and for this reason he does not think it is right to take money from the people.

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