Dog Saves Deer Life: Animals are only animals for the sake of saying, but there are some other senses that are wise to give them human beings in front of them. Dog loyalty talks are also read in books, but seeing this dog’s video will make sure that not only loyal, they are also sensible. The brave hero of a dog made him a night-time social media star.

Dog Saves Deer Life

A Dog Saves Deer Life without thinking ! – India Virals |

The dog, jumping on water without taking care of his life, saved the life of a drowning companion and brought it to the shore.

The name of this dog is Storm, which means Hurricane. In fact, ‘Storm’ and his companion ‘Deer’ had gone for a walk that suddenly the deer went into the water. Without delay, Storm jumped into the water and pressed into the mouth to bring the deer to one end. The deer’s cheeks were running fast, but Storm gave a comfort from his mouth that nothing had happened.

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This fantastic video of dog and deer is telling the story of his friendship on the Internet.

Watch video till end :

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