New Delhi: E-way bills will not be given for transport of grains, jewelery, books. The government has notified the e-bill but its date of implementation will not be fixed yet. The government has given exemption of vegetables, fruits, cereals, meat, brad, curd, books and jewelery from the e-way bill.

E-way bills will not be given for transport of grains, jewelery, books

That is, now for the transportation of these products, the government will not have to give any details through the e-way bill. Government has notified GST with notification I have finalized the final transport agreement for Goods. Separate notifications will be issued for the time when the government will implement it.

There will be no E-bills on these places to go to e-

commerce, non-motor convenance, port transporting goods, airport, air cargo complex and land custom station and will not be available on the following goods.

E-way bill here

For multiple consignments, transporters must have a consolidated e-bill. If goods are transferred from one vehicle to another, then e-bill will be required.

These products are e-out from the e-bill, and they will janrate the bill register supplier, buyer and transporter. E-way bill sms Can be made and cancellated for Contraspective, judicial and non-judicial stamp paper, newspaper, khadi, raw silk, Indian flag, human hair, mascara, dia, check, municipal waste, worship material, LPG, kerosene, heating edges and e They are excluded from the bill.

What is the E-way bill?

E-way bills are required to carry any goods worth more than 50 thousand to each other in the country. It is permissible in electronic form in which details of goods to be transported are to be provided. For this, the government has to already tell through online registration.

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