America’s first economic surgical strike against Pakistan, killed Habib Bank! The United States has taken huge action against Pakistan regarding terror funding. Habib Bank, Pakistan’s largest private bank, was exited from the US. Until now America was giving Pakistan a warning on terrorism. But, now America has started taking action against Pak. America has made the first economic surgical strike against Pakistan. These economic surgical strikes have been done against Pakistan’s largest Habib Bank.

America’s first economic surgical strike against Pakistan, killed Habib Bank! – India Virals |

America has shown Habib Bank the way out of his country. Habib Bank is accused of tire funding. This action of America is being considered as a major setback for Pakistan. The US administration has ordered the immediate closure of the New York State Habib Bank branch. With this, a huge fine has also been imposed on the bank.

Indeed, in the US investigation, it was found that Pakistan’s largest Habib bank is involved in tire funding. He is delivering money to the terrorists in the wrong ways. It was investigating the New York Financial Department of America, or DFS. On violation of the rules, the New York Financial Department has imposed a fine of about Rs 14,370 crore on Habib Bank.

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DFS had said in his statement last month that he is contemplating imposing a penalty of around forty thousand crores on this bank of Pakistan. In Legal Finding, it was found that the laws governing anti-money laundering in America have proven to be a failure to follow it. Habib was the only branch of Bank in New York.

On the other hand, it is reported that Habib Bank has also been prepared for settlement in this case. According to the terms of the settlement, the Pakistani bank will pay a portion of the penalty amount. After this, he will also close his New York-based branch with fixed rules. If there is any violation in these rules, then strict action can be taken against the bank. In fact, the probe against Habib Bank was going on since 2016.

The New York Financial Department reviewed the bank’s risk management. It was revealed in the investigation that thousands of transactions have been done by the bank, which are doubtful, they have not been properly investigated by the bank. In this case, the bank’s gross negligence was noticed.

In the investigation of the New York Financial Department, it was found that funds were transferred from Habib Bank to many criminals and those institutions which are banned. These transactions were passed without any inquiry. Through which the fat money reached near the terrorists. It is being told that the US administration has given several opportunities to improve the bank.

A warning was also issued to him. But, there was no effect on these on the bank. According to information from sources, Habib Bank will not be able to save his life so easily from the US. He must pay the full amount of his mistakes. The entire cost of negligence will be paid. US action has increased Pakistan’s concerns.

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