Scientists said, Electricity can be generated from waste toilet paper. Renewable electricity can be generated by using waste paper. Scientists say that it is possible to do this through a two-stage process and it will cost the same amount of solar panels installed in residential buildings.

waste toilet paper

If this process is adopted, then the problem of excessive flooding of municipal waste collection areas and problem of dependence on fossil fuels can be solved. Junk toilet paper is often not considered as a work. Although it is a better source of carbon and if it is dry, it contains 70 to 80 percent of cellulose.

Scientists said, Electricity can be Generated from waste toilet paper – India Virals |

Every year, on average, 10 to 14 kilograms of toilet paper is extracted by each person in Western Europe. The quantity of this junk deposited in the drains is marginal but it is an important part of municipal waste. According to researchers at the University of Amsterdam, the use of junk toilet paper for generating electricity is “the best way to recycle the junk”.

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