Jio did his name in this world record !

Jio Phone - Jio world Record

Jio world Record: Jio did his name in this world record. new Delhi. Reliance Jio, the new telecommunications company led by Mukesh Ambani, has established a number of records in the country and at the global level in the same year, and its number of customers has crossed 13 million. Reliance Industries chairman and managing director Mukesh Ambani has given this information in a letter sent to Jio employees.

Jio world Record

Jio world Record: Jio did his name in this world record ! – India Virals |

In this he wrote that in the past year we have broken many records in India and at the global level. But the biggest personal satisfaction for me is that we broke this myth that India is not ready to adopt modern technology.

Jio Phone - Jio world Record

Reliance Jio launched its 4G mobile services commercial on September 5, 2016. The company offered free and voice services to its customers for the first 90 days.
The increase in the number of subscribers in the Indian telecom sector reached its peak in the months following the start of Jio operating. In October, the subscriber base of Indian Telecom grew to 1.1 billion and during this period about 2.9 crore new customers were added, out of which 1.963 crore subscribers received the same.

Reliance Jio Free Will Not Stop Before 31 March

A senior Jio official said that in the one year service of Jio, mobile data consumption in India increased from 20 million GB per month to 150 million GB data per month. Of this, 125 crore GB of data is consumed only if only the customers of Jio are doing it. Similarly, in terms of data consumption or consumption, India has reached number 155.

According to the Jio Telecommunication Network, 100 million GB of data is being consumed every month, making it the world’s first and only Exabyte Telecommunication network. Ambani has said in the letter that the manner in which 4G technology has been adopted in the country and the way people are using it is a matter of study in itself.

Along with that, Ambani appreciated the efforts of the employees in this journey. He said that we have together created the largest IP based 4G network in the world. It is notable that Reliance Industries firm Reliance Retail has introduced the first 4G feature phone. The company says that more than six million geophos were booked in the first three days of pre-booking. The company is aiming to make this phone available from Navratras.

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