SLAVERY OF RELATIONSHIPS: “You are my son/daughter, you have to obey me.”
“You are my parents, you should only think of me.”
“You are my elder sister/brother so you have to sacrifice. ”
“You are my younger sister /brother so you have no right to have your own opinion.”
“You are my husband /wife, you should pay full attention on me only.”
“You are my friend so you should be agreed with me because if you talk to my opponents, it hurts me.”
“You are my student, so u must follow me.”
“Now you are my girlfriend/ boyfriend, you have to leave your friends. ”



Please leave me alone if it is so.I am not someone’s slave. I want to be free.
Why we bound each other on the name of our so called RELATIONSHIPS?

Possessiveness in any relationship is disastrous. You may control someone’s actions by force. But what about emotions. We tie a rope of relationship around our loved one’s neck and try to control their actions and life. Then we call it LOVE. Love doesn’t mean boundations.

LOVE is a free will.
LOVE is an emotion.
LOVE is unconditional.
LOVE is sacrifice.
LOVE is independence.
LOVE is care.

But we have made love a business. “If you listen to me, then I will love you and care for you. Otherwise I m not a fool that I waste my energy and emotions on you.”

Please sit quietly and think.When you love someone, who gets happiness. Not only the person is happy to whom you love but more than him/her you are happy. Because to love someone is our need. It is not a choice. You love him/her because you need to give your love love to someone. If nobody is there to love, where would you love flow?
How would you fulfill this beautiful emotion?

How would you feel this emotion?

So be grateful to a person whom you love as that person is full filling your LOVE emotion by accepting it. But never expect anything in return as you are already receiving happiness the moment you love someone.

NEVER BOUND YOUR LOVED ONES because of the stamp of your relationship.
You are so much blessed if you have someone to love.

So if you want to come out of this slavery of relationships and learn to just love and love, DO PRACTICE MEDITATION EVERYDAY.



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