These 5 countries celebrate Diwali just like we in India do

5 countries celebrate Diwali

5 countries celebrate Diwali: Diwali 2018 is practically around the bend, November 7 to be exact and we are entirely energized with every one of the merriments around. Individuals are caught up with shopping, enlivening their homes and arranging presents for their nearby ones.

5 countries celebrate Diwali –

In any case, in the event that you imagined that every one of these festivals and celebrations were restricted to India then we need to reveal to you this – you’re off-base. Diwali is a celebration which, regardless of whether you trust it or not, is commended with a similar measure of excitement in numerous different nations as in India.

Try not to trust us? See with your own eyes:


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Attributable to the enormous Indian populace in Fiji, Diwali is praised with a considerable measure of ceremony and grandness here. It is an open occasion, and individuals take part in trading blessings and sorting out gatherings on an expansive scale. Schools and universities stay shut.


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Not at all like in India, Diwali in Malaysia is called Hari Diwali and the ceremonies are somewhat not the same as those followed in India. The day begins with individuals showering in oil and afterward offering their supplications at different sanctuaries. Since the offer of wafers is prohibited in Malaysia (astounding, right?), they celebrate by trading endowments, desserts and great wishes.


Diwali is known as Tihar in Nepal and is commended with much eagerness here. Since Nepal imparts its outskirt to India, the energy is some way or another bound to exchange crosswise over limits, we presume. The merriments incorporate the equivalent – finishing the houses, trading blessings and offering petitions to Goddess lakshmi. Diwali is the second greatest celebration in Nepal after Dashain.


Canada is informally called ‘Scaled down Punjab’ in view of the expansive number of Punjabis who are settled there. To such an extent, that Punjabi is the third official dialect in the Canadian parliament. Do we have to state much else on why Diwali is a major ordeal here?


Numerous urban communities in the UK, particularly Birmingham and Leicester observe Diwali at a vast scale as a result of the tremendous Indian people group settled there. The merriments are nearly as intricate as in India, if not the equivalent.

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