Did you notice that in the Bhare Bazaar song, Parineeti’s dress was shocking?


Bhare Bazaar song Parineeti dress shocking: Bollywood’s beautiful actress Parineeti Chopra is making a comeback in the film Namastey England these days. The film is currently in its release, but the Bhare Bazaar song of the film has made the audience happy. Parineeti dance people have become crazy in the song and they are also waiting for the arrival of their film with Braceby, but in the meantime, there has been notice of a thing in Parineeta which can make people wonder. Yes … the song has seen quite a bit different in the look of Parineeta. This change of attitude has only been noticed by some people.

Bhare Bazaar song Parineeti dress shocking-

Actually there has been a lot of change in the dress of Parineeta. When people were asked to notice their dress, some people immediately told the change in the dress of Parineeta. Do you also look at the fact that you also look a bit different in the dress of Parineeta.

Parineeti wearing a forest side of shoulder dress in red color in the song. You can not make any doubt about the beauty of Parineeti, Parineeti is making a very good impression in this dress, but when the eyes of the people are properly dressed, then it turns out that in some frame of the song, on their shoulders directly, Is seen on the shoulder.

If the song is seen properly, the dress of Parineeta appears on the left shoulder, but when it is seen after one minute, her dress comes right on the shoulder. Everybody is surprised when the dress is seen on different shoulders in the frame. Later, it is learned that Parineeti’s dress is the only bean shoulder, but after filming the song, the frames of the songs were flipped, due to which their dress was constantly changing the shoulders.

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