These Vegetable works to recover from dengue

Pumpkin works recover dengue

Pumpkin works recover dengue: The dengue fever is increasing due to changing weather and growing mosquitoes. The level of platelets present in the body of the patient from Bollhar, which comes in dengue, is greatly reduced, in such a way, this Ayurvedic remedy of green vegetable can be avoided by this problem.

Pumpkin works recover dengue-

Drink pumpkin in a green vegetable in dengue It is extremely beneficial for increasing platelets. The pumpkin meal also develops antioxidants in Dengue. In addition to the green pumpkin juice, beet juice is also helpful in increasing platelets. Due to drinking boil, there is a miracle benefit in dengue. Experiments were done in a science school in Malaysian that boils the papaya leaves and stalks to boil and improve platelets.

Some precautions are also necessary to keep cold and wet strip on the forehead when fever comes. Make a decoction of cardamom and straw, black pepper, peepal, basil, giloy, and make cure of dengue. Eat 8-10 mince and eat with rock salt and pepper.

Precautions – Keep cold water straps in the forehead and palms when it comes to fruiting. Make a decoction of Munka, dry gourd, pepper, peepal, basil, giloy with large cardamom and drink it with indigenous jaggery. – To increase the immune system, take 10-15 peanuts and roast rock salt and black pepper powder.

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