PM Narendra Modi will go to jail on the day the investigation begins

PM Narendra Modi will go to jail on the day the investigation begins

PM Narendra Modi will go to jail on the day the investigation begins: Congress President Rahul Gandhi known as Rafale Deal AN open case of corruption on the second day of his election tour in Madhya Pradesh. He same that if the matter is investigated, Prime Minister Narendra Modi can move to jail. Rahul was respondent queries within the meeting with reporters at Indore. within the meanwhile, on the question of our associate newspaper Economic Times, on the question of repeatedly locution that ‘the watcher may be a thief’ among the folks, Rahul Gandhi same, “Modi Malaysian Mujahidin Group isn’t simply being known as corrupt, however he’s extremely corrupt. There shouldn’t be confusion on this. ‘

PM Narendra Modi will go to jail on the day the investigation begins –

He more same, ‘Rafael case is AN open matter. From the day once the investigation can begin, once PM Modi are sent to jail, solely this can be the question and zip else. ‘ He same that there’s an occasion that investigation within the Rafael case goes to start in France. He same that PM Modi has profaned each method and law to learn Anil Ambani. He more same, “There are more such cases here and that they are larger than Raphael.”

Sabrimala and my party’s views are different- Rahul

After this, on the question of response to the Supreme Court’s call on the Sabarimala tilt, Rahul same that in person he believes that girls are capable men and that they ought to be allowed to travel anyplace. He more same, “On my party’s case in Kerala, opinion on this matter is extremely emotional for ladies and men and ladies are supporting this idea there.”

He more same, “So the views of Pine Tree State and my party are totally different during this matter, however as my party represents the folks there in Kerala, i’ll gift their desires.” Rahul Gandhi on the likelihood of transferral ordinance on behalf of BJP on Ram temple issue, same that will be} the sole factor BJP can do. They said, ‘What else is left?’ there is nothing left.’

I am the leader of each category – Rahul

Congress President Rahul Gandhi, reversing the allegations of BJP’s masquerade Hinduism against himself, delineate himself as a nationalist and same that he doesn’t want a BJP certificate to travel to the temple. However, he conjointly stressed that he’s the leader of each faith and each category.

He said, “When Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit sovereign attend a temple, once they wear garments in line with the tradition of the individual temple, then the BJP remains silent on that. But when I, Kamal Nath and Jyotiraditya Scindia wear garments in line with the tradition of a temple there, it’s same to US that we tend to are displaying masquerade Hinduism. ‘

I think Hinduism is best than BJP – Rahul

He said, ‘If i might wish to see God’s vision in any temple, i might undoubtedly go there. I don’t should take a certificate from BJP to travel to the temple. i feel Hinduism is best than BJP. “He said,” BJP may be a contract on Hindutva however there cannot be anybody’s contract on Hinduism, as a result of it’s an excellent idea and it cannot be captured by anyone cluster. ” Said, “We are a celebration that’s not Hindutva however rather, in Hinduism.”

BJP goes crazy once I move to temple- Rahul

The Congress President same, “During the previous assembly elections of Gujarat, once I visited the temples there, the BJP became mad by thinking that I went there. However, i’ve got already gone to the temples. i’ve got conjointly gone to Ayodhya. ‘

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