‘Fixed it for you’: Congress, BJP wage battle of infographics as saffron party seeks to downplay fuel worth hike

Congress BJP wage battle saffron party downplay fuel worth hike

Congress BJP wage battle saffron party downplay fuel worth hike: The Bharatiya Janata Party, which is right now confronting fire over rising fuel costs the nation over and the Bharat Bandh challenges held over the issue, shared a progression of infographics via web-based networking media on Monday trying to counter the Opposition’s charges. Notwithstanding, the move went poorly arranged, with Twitterati panning the designs, which demonstrated a descending bolt to portray an ascent in costs of petroleum and diesel.

Congress BJP wage battle saffron party downplay fuel worth hike-

Through these illustrations, the BJP fought that the rate increment in the costs of petroleum and diesel was higher amid the UPA administration (2004-2014) than amid the NDA one (2014-present). Be that as it may, as the bars in the infographic tried to portray the costs of oil and diesel, it turned out badly by utilizing a littler bar to signify a higher cost. It is likewise hazy how the gathering touched base at the specific stature it utilized for the yellow bar in the two cases (petroleum and diesel).

The Congress rushed to parody the infographic, commenting on Twitter: “Even we couldn’t avoid retweeting this.” These were the BJP’s words from when it had retweeted pictures the Congress had shared of its leader Rahul Gandhi from Germany.

The Congress in this manner shared its very own infographic, contending that the BJP’s measurements made no specify of universal unrefined petroleum costs. It contended that between May 2014 and September 2018, universal raw petroleum costs dropped by 34 percent, while in a similar span, the costs of oil had expanded by 13 percent in India. The infographic says that somewhere in the range of 2004 and 2009, global raw petroleum costs had expanded by 61 percent, while oil costs had risen all in all by 20.5 percent in the meantime.

The Congress drove the Bharat Bandh saw crosswise over India on Monday in challenge the soaring costs of fuel in India. The gathering said that upwards of 21 other Opposition parties participated in the strike. It called the bandh a win and furthermore blamed the BJP for lying about the purpose for the over the top costs of oil and diesel.

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