5 Reasons Why You Still Need to See Films in Theatres.

5 Reasons Why You Still Need to See Films in Theatres, Theatre, theatres, movie, imax, size and screen, technology, group

5 Reasons Why You Still Need to See Films in Theatres: In this age of movies streamed over broadband on screens larger than your picture window(s), there’s still good reasons to see films in theatres. Not sure? Here’s a few reasons you need to see a film in a theatre:

5 Reasons Why You Still Need to See Films in Theatres. 

Size and sound.

As big as your screen is, your movie theatre has it beat. By… well, a lot. There are screens taller than my house—including the chimney! No matter how good your screen, no matter its resolution, seeing a movie in a theatre is a far more immersive experience. Sound systems are another feature where the average movie theatre beats out most fancy home sound theatre ones. Theatres a built with the acoustics of the room in mind, from seats to curtaining to position of the stairs and exits. And they’ve got more speakers, usually ones with wider dynamic ranges, to deliver the sound going with that special effect.


Maybe I-MAX will come to home screens at some point, but we’re not at that point. I mean, you’d need to renovate your freaking HOUSE to show an I-MAX flick at home. And that’s not just the size: these movies have larger projection systems that just can’t be faked by anything on the market today. So put down the phone and cancel the raise-the-roof (and acoustic) contractors. Just go to a movie theatre.

Going out instead of staying in.

There’s an intimacy snuggling into a comfy couch with your free food. Alone, together, distracted by phones, laundry, dogs, email, or children (check off what’s applicable). The point of seeing a movie on a big screen with technology not requiring house remodelling is seeing different scenery. Lots of couples have date nights. Does the living room sofa conjure the mystique and excitement of a nice evening? Or would dinner without cooking and cleanup, and a movie with excellent acoustics be better?

Group experience

The group experience is another reason to see a film in a theatre. There are two groups, really: the included, and the excluded. Seeing a film in a theatre creates a shared experience and shared memories with friends and family. Maybe not during the screening of the film—chatting during the movie can get someone tossed from the theatre. The excluded group includes animals, chores, and children.

Brewery cinema.

The movie first and dinner after. Or is it dinner first, movie after? Here’s the home version: Cook at home and watch a movie, then keep chasing the kids out (or the pushy dogs, or the cats insisting on seeing the movie from the exact point of view as your eyeballs). End the evening with some dish washing, all without leaving the environs of that place you already spend so much time in. The movie theatre or cinema brewery version of events neatly solves all those issues. No muss, no fuss—assuming everyone keeps their pizza out of their laps. No need to shop, clean, cook, clean.

Sure, time equals money, but Science says it’s better to pay for experiences rather than things. The right movie, at the right theatre, ticks that box off nicely.