Airplane Village, Jalandhar: Who does not like to fly a plane. If you have to live in this day and night, you will definitely feel a bit upset. But a village in the Jalandhar area of ​​Punjab is such, where almost every house has an airplane.

Every house in this village has its own airplane, Also Know as Airplane Village

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It is not that all these people have their own airplane. These people have made the upper part of their homes air-shaped. Let’s know about them.

Roof is airplane

Air India’s airplane stands on the rooftops of every house in Jalandhar, Jalandhar, which is shocked to see them. Actually this is the house of an NRI whose plane on the roof is not real, but there are rooms constructed. The house has been shaped by flying in the airplane and making the dream of living in them. Shown rooms have been written as Air India. To get Air India free for free, the phone call of the officials has also come to the owner of the house.

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Airplane village

Not only in Jalandhar district but in Uppala village of Noormahahal tehsil, there are ships on every house. Because of this, this village is also known as the village of Coke Airplane. Resident Santosh Singh has built an airplane on his house. This vessel appears to be visible from a distance of about 2 kilometers. This house is the center of attraction for the people coming to Jalandhar.

Water tank is it

Let us tell you that Santosh Singh is living in England, his hotel business is there. Not only Santosh Singh, but in Punjab’s Jalandhar, Kapurthala, Hoshiarpur and Doaba areas, airplanes are seen on the water tank on many village houses. In the luxurious stalls, NRIs gather to meet their families occasionally from abroad, the water tanks on their roofs are given the size of the ship.

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