Every man wants to sex with this New American Hot Heroine ! Just like Poonam Pandey in India, she often garners headlines because of her limb performance, in the same way, Hollywood reality star Kim Kardashian often remains in the limelight for some reason.

Every man wants to sex with this New American Hot Heroine ! – India Virals | www.indiavirals.com

Kim Kardashian is quite famous for posting Nude photos on social media.

Seeing their bold and hot photos, all the men in the US sigh.

After all, why Kim Kardashian is being called a US citizen? Usually, because of its bold and hot style, this actress has now become a new US citizen with whom most of the men want to build physical relations.

Let us tell you the real reason behind this.

Kim is a US cityman

America is far ahead of India in terms of fantasy related to actresses. Because reality star Kim Kardashian is at the top of the list of celebrities with whom most people want to have sex.

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Website – Deliverer Dot to Dot UK – conducted a survey to know the fantasy of American people against actresses, according to which most people in America have expressed a desire to have sex with Kim Kardashian.

This survey looked at Kem as a US citizen, with whom everyone wants to have a physical relationship.


Well, in this list, Kim is at the top, while the UK’s Emma Watson and model actress Kelly Brook are ranked second and third respectively.

Fan is also ahead in the case of follow up Kim

America’s law-keepers are often increasing the number of seekers of Kim who are in news headlines about their controversial photos and videos.

Kim often buys discussions by putting up some hot videos and photos, so that fan fanging on social media is increasing day by day.

It is worth noting that Kim has made most of the American men with her sexy and hot moves to make her Hussein crazy, so that every man there wants to have physical relations with them at least once.

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