Woman took her Bicycle Back: There have been reports of the news of the meeting of the dead through Facebook, but a strange case has come out of London to get back the pirated cyber through Facebook. A London woman stole her stolen bike back from the thief’s house with the help of Facebook. Indeed, the thief had given an advertisement to sell bicycles on Facebook, so that the woman got her bicycle back.

Woman took her Bicycle Back,Bicycle Back,

With the help of Facebook, the woman took her bicycle back from the thief’s house

According to the information, Bristol-based cyclist Jenny Morton Humphries helped people by putting photos of their stolen bicycle on Facebook. When a fellow cyclist of Marton searched the bicycles set up to sell on Facebook, he had to look at Jenny’s bicycle there.

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After this, both of them planned to buy the bicycle from the seller. When he asked for police help in this work, the police refused. After that both the cyclist contacted the thief and decided to meet.

Morton Humphrey said, I myself showed the bicycle buyer and told him that too high bicycle seat. They requested to run cycling before buying. The seller allowed them to cycle and watch. After this, when the Morton went out to the test ride, he did not go back and reached his house directly by taking his bicycle.

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