Bhopal: These families are distributing free medicines for many years. Some people consider their religion to serve the poor and the victims of the society, one of them is Pradeep Agarwal’s family of Madhya Pradesh capital Bhopal businessman Pradeep Agarwal.

families are distributing free medicines

His family has been distributing free ayurvedic medicines for the last six decades with fire and acid burning. The second identity of Agarwal Puri Bhandar in the Ghoda Kanak area of ​​the capital is also as a drug distribution site for people with fire.

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These families are distributing free medicines for many years – India Virals |

There are several pods of medicines given to those who burn at all times in one plate and whenever the victim is reached here, this pooja is given. Everyday Ayurvedic medicines are provided to more than 100 victims without any payment. Pradeep said that his uncle Shiv Narayan Agarwal was engaged in social service. A formula for Ayurveda for the treatment of burners, which was about 6 decades ago, was because it was not available for better medication when burning during that period.

families are distributing free medicines

He also prepared the drug according to his formula and the results were shocking and his results were shocking. According to Agrawal, the person burnt by fire or any other item at any place of the body gets comfort as soon as the medicine is applied, and its reputation is that there is no scar of burning due to its imposition. Agarwal points out that till his uncle survived, he continued to distribute free medicines, his identification became the one who gave different medicines to Pudhi’s business.

families are distributing free medicines

After his death, the family is still making this sequence, only the formula knows them. Even today, more than 100 people come and take medication every day. Agarwal admits, according to the formula he had made of this medicine, his family is still making this medicine. They like to see when they give medicine to any sufferer after they get healthier.

Santosh Kumar, who is suffering from fire, says that he used Ayurvedic medicines from the Agarwal family, his wounds were cured, there was no scar of any kind. They feared that the fire marks should not remain in their hands, but this did not happen. It is a nazir for those who seek happiness in the service of the victims, who are engaged in filling their lap only with wealth.

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