Country Population: In a large family, there are about 30 to 35 people or they may be more. But there is a country where the total population of animals and humans is 33. The name of this country is hardly heard before you Its name is Molossia. This country with such a low population is near the US state of Nevada.

country population

We have family members more than this country population

Behind the country is the story

Kevin Bug is both President and dictator here. The story of the country of Nawada, which is adjacent to the region, is also interesting. Kevin was a student of High School High School, when one of his friends arrived here in 1977 with James Spielman. Together they made this area and implemented the monarchy here.

Spielman became King and Kevin Prime Minister. With the passing of time and aging, Spielman and his wife left Mozossia. But Kevin stayed here right away. He declared himself the President of the Republic of Molossia.

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Pets have got citizenship

This area of ​​Dayton County in Nawada has become a small country today. Kevin’s family lives in 1.3 acres of molluscia spread over five acres. This includes his wife and seven children. Apart from this, some relatives and grandchildren and pets have also got citizenship here.

country population

Last year, 101 tourists traveled to Molossia. According to Kevin, dollars coming from tourists are working for the development of Molossasia, but here the dollar is not in the currency. As soon as the tourists arrive, the Molosian bank has to first change the currency. They are given instead for the walara. There is also a post office in Molossia. Stamps are sold here, while shopping buyers can buy molossia-tagged T-shirts.

A Kind of Art Project

Molosia has not received recognition from any other country as a country. There is no such country in the eyes of America itself. She tells it an art project, which is being run in a house. But Kevin does not believe that. The tax they pay to the US government, they call it foreign aid. Although the family takes part in the American elections.

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