20 some weird things Indian PM Narendra Modi: If we do a comparative analysis of Narendra Modi with other politicians we will find many characteristics, events, and lifestyle of Narendra Modi that is quite weird yet amazing.

20 some weird things Indian PM Narendra Modi –

  1. Narendra Modi is the only one chief minister who has faced more negative media trials than any other CM.
  2. Narendra Modi hardly sleeps more than 5 hours as he always wakes up early 5 ‘o’ clock in the morning.
  3. Narendra Modi is a pure vegetarian and keeps fasts during several Hindu festivals like Navaratra.
  4. Narendra Modi has been a preacher(Pracharak) of Hindu Dharma before coming into politics.
  5. Narendra Modi loves photography, poetry and he is an animal lover as well.
  6. Narendra Modi has never tried to benefit his family from his political status. His family still lives a very simple life. His cousin brothers are even fighting for their bread and butter daily.
  7. N Narendra Modi is the first Prime Minister who is born after Independence.
    He loves to celebrate his Diwali with Indian soldiers every year after becoming PM of India.
  8. He puts all those things on the auction that he is gifted. And uses this money for people’s welfare.
  9. He has taken the only one holiday after becoming the P.M of India for the funeral of Atalji.
  10. In this era of digital Media, he is the only leader who addresses people through Radio by his programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’.
  11. Narendra Modi is the only prime minister who has spent his 2 years of life in the caves of Himalaya with saints and Yogis.
  12. During childhood, once Narendra Modi had caught a small crocodile and took it to his school.
  13. N Narendra Modi once tried to join the Indian Army during his young days before becoming an RSS swayam sevak.
  14. Narendra Modi is an ambidextrous means though he writes with his right hand.
  15. Narendra Modi always shows good gestures while meeting his opposition leaders. In this process, he had also attended the marriage ceremony of Digvijay Singh’s( Congress Leader) Son.
  16. It is said, Narendra Modi prepares his own speech and delivers it while addressing to people.
  17. He used to sell tea during his childhood and also was a sweeper in RSS’s office in his young days.
  18. He got married at the age of 18 and left his family just within 4 months to be a ‘Sanyashi’. He had never met his wife Yasodaben since 1987.
  19. Before becoming the chief minister of Gujarat, he used to organize and manage the election campaigns of BJP especially veteran leader L.K Advani.
  20. He had adopted a Nepali homeless boy Jeet as his son and safely deported him to his parents in 2014.

Well, there are many other facts about Narendra Modi that are amazing. But when we compare his life story with many other politicians or prime ministers, we might find Narendra Modi little weird.

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