Dangerous experiment ever conducted: Amazing : What was the most dangerous experiment ever conducted? Do you know “Louis Pasteur” who invented a cure for rabies, which affected the person when a dog bite?

Dangerous experiment ever conducted –

There was a story behind the invention of cure of rabies which is very interesting.

200 years ago, there were Two friends who lived in the small village of France. One of them was bitten by a mad dog and died after severe suffering.

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After 40 years the child whose friend died become renowned scientist known as “Louis Pasteur” he did many experiment, many research but he didn’t forget the screaming of his dead friend due to rabies

Dangerous experiment ever conducted –

He decided to understand and cure rabies disease through experiment

He conducted the experiment in which mad dog was collected and kept them in cages. Then he observed what is wrong among them, and came through that the scum of dogs coming through the mouth is skeptical.

Then he collected the scum and put it into injection and was given to healthy dogs. After some time they were infected to rabies and died.

Dangerous experiment ever conducted –

Through more observation and experiment he concluded that when virus of rabbis come to mind then instant death happen.

One day in his laboratory one dog who was infected automatically got normal and healthy.

Then he used the cured dog antibodies and gave them to infected dogs, after some time they become healthy.

the experiment was successful, now it was the time to test the antibodies to human beings.

But the irony was that from where they get the infected person.

Great scientist Louis Pasteur decided to infect himself to rabies and then take antibodies for the betterment of mankind.

The day was decided, but the irony is on that day a mad dog bites a child and they bring that child to Louis Pasteur. The antibody was given to him and some days later he got healthy.

The first injection of rabies was given to 6 July 1885 and becomes history.

Dangerous experiment ever conducted –

History holds so many sacrifices, devotion and interesting stories of great men who gave everything for mankind.

We salute them.

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