World Cup: Pakistan will go semi-final? India’s tough way to tie match today

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World cup Pakistan will go semi-final: India’s match was tie today. This has happened because of the bad weather. Because this was to happen, for some time in the past due to the rain in England, the matches were tie’s. In such a way it was impossible to tie the match of India and New Zealand. But now everyone’s eye is on the next match which is to be between India and Pakistan.

Pakistan’s difficult journey in World Cup 2019

Show that on 16th June there is a match between India and Pakistan. Which you can see at 3 pm at Star Sport. Pakistan has played 4 matches so far in the World Cup. And if the point of his point table is point 3 on Pakistan’s point table. Pakistan has made it difficult to stay. Because at least 12 points were needed to go to the semi-finals. So in Pakistan, so far only 4 points have been scored in Pakistan. So the semi-final can be a bit difficult for Pakistan.

Pakistan to be reached in semi-final of World Cup 2019

In fact, the World Cup can be seen again. The reason is rain because the rain can be manipulated by England. Just as the match between India and New Zealand has been tie today, the two teams got 1-1 points. Due to India’s 5 points and New Zealand 7 points. If New Zealand wins 2 matches, the competition will be 11 points. And such Pakistan has just 4 matches left. If Pakistan wins all four matches, then it will also become 11 points and they will reach the semifinal.

India for will be tough now in World Cup 2019

Indian team is one of the World Cup favourite teams. But today’s cancellation of the captaincy Kohli’s problems can increase. Indeed, India’s points have been tied 5 points today. But now India has 5 matches too. In such a way, India will have as many as 4 matches. Then India will be on top of this World Cup. But if the same 1-2 matches are tie like today, then indeed India’s semi-final journey can be difficult.