Do you know, how the intellect developed in human beings !

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Do you know, how the intellect developed in human beings ! Edinburgh Scientists have discovered the cause of the origin of intelligence in humans. They claim that after a biological event that occurred fifty hundred years ago, genes developed in humans developed. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh find the main reason for the development of intelligence among humans and other mammals.

intellect developed in human beings

He found that the intelligence of the human being in the development of the number of genes in the minds of our ancestors increased. Scientists also believe that these genes that enhance our mental capacity are also responsible for many brain disorders. According to the researchers, this biological incident took place five hundred million years ago in a simple organism without living in the ocean. As a result, additional copies of these jeans were made. The coming generations of this creature benefited from these extra jeans and the benefits reached the human beings and other sophisticated backbones.

intellect developed in human beings

Sveta Vivek Naresh Professor of the University of Edinburgh and Seth Grant, a leading researcher at the University of Edinburgh, said one of the largest scientific problems is to understand the origin of intelligence and complex attitudes in the developmental order. This research, published in Nature Neuroscience, also shows the connection between behavioral behavior and brain disorders. John Williams, Head of Brain Sciences and Mental Health in Wellcome Trust, who gave financial help to this study, said, through this research, it will help in understanding the origin of mental discrepancies and will also help in finding new ways of treatment.

The researchers team studied the mental abilities of rats and humans by handing out comparative tasks. These works also included recognizing things on touch screen computers. After this the researchers mixed the results of these behavioral tests with the biological codes of different species so that the time of developing different behaviors could be ascertained.

They found that high mental activity in humans and mice are controlled only by one genus. Studies also show that when these jeans are destroyed they cripple high mental performance. Grant said in a statement, “Our work demonstrates that the cost of more intelligence and more complex behavior is more brain sickness.” Tim Bussse, a doctor of the University of Cambridge, who is involved in this study, said that to help patients suffering from these diseases, we can now use the science of anoustical science and behavioral testing.

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