Washington: The first global map of water on the moon is ready. Scientists have prepared the first map of the water present in the top surface of the Moon’s soil. This will prove to be beneficial in the future of Moon exploration. This map is built on the basis of data obtained with the help of an instrument on India’s space shuttle Chandrayaan-1.

first global map of water


The basis of this study, published in the Science Advance Journals, was the initial discovery of water and related molecule hydroxide in the soil of moon in 2009. Scientists at Brown University of America used the data collected through NASA’s Moon Mineralogy Mapper. Mapper had left with Chandrayaan-1 and its work was to find out how much water is present at the global level.

first global map of water

Shui Li, a former PhD student at the University, said that there are signs of presence of water almost everywhere on the surface of the moon, it is not limited to only the Dhoipur region as it was earlier told in the report.

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