Phone Runs Without Charging: If there is any electricity running on electricity without any electricity then it will be astonishing. If you come to know that it has become mobile which can run without electricity, then how will it look? We all know how important battery is for mobile users.

This is the world’s first phone that runs without Charging

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Therefore, before purchasing the phone, we take a lot of care about the battery. Nowadays, a lot of capacity batteries are also unable to satisfy smartphone users. In this way we are going to tell you such news that the smartphone yojors will not have to worry about the battery.

Phone Runs Without Charging

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In fact, scientists from the University of Washington have made a phone that does not have a battery. This phone runs without battery Scientists who make this phone are also of an Indian origin. Instead of batteries, this phone either takes energy from nearby radio signals or runs through solar energy. 3.5 Micro power runs from the power.

This phone needs 3.5 microwave energy to work. Talk about this prototype, it is a feature phone in which a small LED display is installed on the circuit board besides the physical keypad. Scientists call Skype from this prototype. In this new feature phone, only call and SMS facility is provided. But scientists have expressed that it will be developed from basic to smart devices.

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