New Delhi: Former US president Barack Obama has become Special on Internet and Social Media. Barack Obama has been a continual president of the United States twice, and he established several dimensions about the role of politician in the social media world. Obama now maintains his presence through social media even when he is not the President. Obama joined Twitter in March 2007.

Former US president Barack Obama


Former US president Barack Obama has become special on Social Media

After this he had another Twitter handle as president, but the number of seekers on his personal handle continued to increase. Obama has made 15465 tweets. Well the average of them tweeting is very low. Many times they do not even tweet for a month.

Barack Obama’s Twitter handle still introduces him – Dad, Husband, President, Citizen. His World Rankings on Twitter is number 3. If you talk about leaders, they are the world’s number one leader. President Obama after Trump’s World Rankings on Twitter is 23.

Former US president Barack Obama

India’s Narendra Modi as the third leader in the ranking, whose world ranking is 34th. According to the Twitter counter, 42,501 followers are added every day in Obama’s Twitter handle, while on average, 11 people also do a daily unfollow.

Barack posted the Obama Foundation post frequently on his Facebook page. A few days ago, he shared a video on this page that 52,48,647 people have seen so far.

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