Moradabad: GF refused to marry, BF with knives… An unhappy boyfriend adopts his girlfriend with knives, because there is no love marriage in Muradapande station area of ​​the district. The girl has been badly injured in this attack. That is why he has been referred to the Higher Center for treatment. Where his condition remains serious. On the Tahrir of the family, the police has started a case against the accused youth and his two brothers and started investigations.

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GF refused to marry, BF with knives… – India Virals |

1. It is being said that the love affair of the young woman living in Afzalpur village of Mundhapande police station area was running for a long time with her own relative.
When the relatives of the Youth came to know about this, they stopped getting out of the house of the young woman.

2. I did not fix the wedding of the young lady somewhere else.

3. Primans have alleged that after refusing to marry, Junaid’s lover had come home and threatened several times.

4. But fear of defamation, he did not complain with the police.
Attacked with knives in the house

GF refused to marry

5. Primans have alleged that when all members of the house went out on Thursday afternoon, then Junaid got into the house.

6. He made the pressure to forcibly marry the girl. But the woman resisted it and asked her to go home. On this Junaid got angry so much that she attacked the girl with knives.
When the accused thought that the woman’s death had occurred, she escaped from the spot with her brothers.

7. Parents were informed about the matter when the information was received to the police.

After this, the girl was admitted to the hospital.

Police file case against three people.

Police has registered a case against three people on Tahrir of the young woman.
According to police, there was a love relationship between the two for the last several years.

Because of the relative kinship of the Youth, Junaid did not want to marry a young woman.

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