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Indeed, the Indian Express has gathered information from the Directorate of Education of Delhi’s website, that there are teachers in five government schools, but the reading child is not one at all. 36 teachers attend school every day. Excellent thing is that the teachers have come to these schools by facilitating online transfer.

These schools without children are in Rohini Sector 17 of Delhi, Dwarka Sector 22, Khichdipur, Kalkaji and Madanpur Khadar JJ Extension in JJ Colony.

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However, teachers in these schools are also shocked about the current situation and questioning why the under-construction schools without children were put on the Directorate’s website? They say that they showed the school in the transfer options and they applied for it.

Government officials say that soon the schools will be cleared and children will come in schools.

But it seems strange that schools have teachers but not children. How India will read and how India will grow !

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