Ghosts : There are different beliefs and customs in every country. All people, according to their religion, believe in customs, traditions and beliefs. Today, We are going to tell about a magical spring. Thousands of Voodoo devotees come to the magical spring every year in North American country Haiti. This waterfall is located 150 miles from the country’s capital Port Au Prince.

Actually, here is a strange celebration of Erjuli Devi. People take bath from this spring and take off their clothes and take bath. People believe that this holy water removes the evil spirits and destroys it. Also get rid of severe diseases. Some poor families coming here say that they stay here for several hours and take off their clothes and throw them into the sky.

In this Spring, Ghosts will stay away after Bathing in a waterfall

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It is seen as a symbol of the past yesterday. It is said to leave behind the memories. At the same time, hundreds of women come to bath in the spring just for the sake of getting a child. At the same time, according to one belief, in 1847, the Voodoo Devi named Erjuli Dentar was transmitted on a tree. It was considered to be Goddess of beauty and love.

Here he cured many people’s diseases and removed the suffering of many people from their magic. A Catholic priest did not like this all, he ordered it to be cut off from the tree trunk by treating it as a blasphemer. Later the local people made the idol of Goddess here. On the day of Voodoo, people here offer a drink-like drink “clarek” and food in front of the idol.

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