China: Giant QR code made from trees, such will be scanned. All countries try different ways to promote tourism. China has adopted a unique way to promote tourism. Everyone is amazed at this approach of China. In order to promote local tourism, a large QR code has been created in a village in China.

Giant QR code

Giant QR code made from trees, such will be scanned

This QR code can be scanned from the sky. The pictures of this QR code on social media are getting viral. The special thing is that in order to make this huge QR code more than one lakh trees are needed.

Giant QR code

This code is made in Shilinshu, which is located in Baoding city of Hebei province of China. This QR code has been linked to the village’s Wechat official account. Interested tourists can get more information about this village from the CGTN report. Through this code, you can get more information about the village.

According to the report of Shanghai Expat, this huge QR code has been built with more than 130,000 Chinese Juniper trees and it spreads in a 227 meters long ground. According to the South China Morning Post, in 2015 Shilinshu was given the status of the most beautiful village in Hebei.

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