Bogota: Seeing this giant turtle you will also be stunned ! By the way, the normal turtle is very long, but the turtle we are going to tell today is more than the average age. Have you ever imagined to see the 530-year-old turtle? Such turtle, whose length is 60 feet and weighs 363 kilograms.

According to the news, this is a year old case. According to the news, it is possible that the turtle found in the Amazon River is the largest in the turtles known so far. Apart from the Amazon River, these red-legged turtles are also found in Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela.

Adult turtles in this class can usually be 3 meters long. Their size can be more than 3 meters. But this turtle is different from all those who are very big. The female turtle age is much longer than male of this class. Typically such large turtles are found only in the Amazon River.

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