Girl Gets Talking on the Phone: Today the condition of girls in society is worsening day by day. We all keep listening to criminal incidents every day. The government is making many efforts to curb criminal incidents.

Girl Gets Talking


Girl Gets Talking on the Phone

Girl Gets Talking on the Phone – India Virals |

In Madurora, the village of Govardhan region has created a unique rule to curb criminal incidents. If a girl is found talking on mobile then she will have to pay Rs 21 thousand as punishment.

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The people of the village said in their panchayat a separate sentence should be given different punishment. Considering this, the Panchayat said that separate committees of every crime will be created.

Girl Gets Talking

Everyone was shocked to hear a decision of Panchayat in which it was told that if any girl is found talking on the phone, then she will be fined with 21 thousand rupees.

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