Girlfriend Sends Pic to Her Boyfriend: These days, 18-year-old Roglin Shardiya and 19-year-old Nathan Urias love story are becoming popular on social sites. Although both of them have been dating only three months, but on many news websites, their screenshots of romantic love chats are currently being viral.

Girlfriend Sends

Girlfriend sends this type of pic to her boyfriend at Night, The boy started crying

Girlfriend sends nude pic – India Virals |

The girl sent the selfie crying lover.

These screenshots Nathan’s girlfriends shared on Twitter last week. Where his tweet was re-tweeted more than 50 thousand times. Actually, these love birds went on late night last Thursday. From there, both returned to their home. While chatting at night, Nathan took shelly from Shelley and asked him to send him.

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When Rosalin sent his 3 selfies to Nathan, he wrote on the message that he was crying after seeing his beauty. Rosalyn did not believe in it for the first time. Then Nathan sent him a picture of him, in which his eyes were tears.

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Girlfriend Sends

After reading this love bird’s cute conversion, people have given many feedback on this. Some have advised Rozlyn to marry Nathan. At the same time, many girls have expressed their desire to date a boy like Nathan. However, there are many people who have counseled Kapil not to publicize their personal life in such a way.

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