Girls Addicted : Women are far ahead of men in terms of using smartphone. In a recent study, it has been revealed that women are more accustomed to smartphones. They spend 4 hours a day and more in the use of the smartphone.

For these reasons nowadays girls addicted to smartphone

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It was reported in the report that 52 percent of women use smartphones for four hours or more during the day. At the same time, only 29.4 percent of men used the smartphone for such a long time. About 23 percent of women spend six hours a day on smartphones, while men are only 11 percent.

Girl Gets Talking

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Because of the fondness of Facebook and Instagram, women are engaged in a smartphone. It was also revealed that more than 37 per cent of the women look to the smartphone while talking or moving. Smartphones use only when men are free. It is also the reason behind women’s use of smartphones, that almost 20.1 percent of women prefer insulin without their phones, while 8.9 percent of men feel it.

This study was done at AZU University, South Korea. Professor Chang J. Yone prepared this report. These findings came out after a survey of 1,236 students of many colleges. It was revealed in this that women are more stuck on smartphones than men.

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