Google Spin: The great doodle Google created on its 19th birthday. The world’s largest search engine ‘Google’ is celebrating its 19th birthday today. Let us tell you that this program, started with two boys’ college project, became the world’s largest search engine and then became one of the biggest and powerful companies on the planet.

Google Spin

Google Spin: The great doodle Google created on its 19th birthday ! – India Virals

Larry Page and Sergey Brin named Google the first ‘backerb’. In 1999, he wanted to sell it for $ 1 million, but till then it did not matter. At that time many established industrialists were unable to accept that people would go to the internet and search for some of their daily work.

Google Spin

There is also a surprise spinner in it, and many knowledgeable information has been given from the establishment of Google till now.

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