While listening to the free name, our faces blossom, although it is different from the fact that no one knows that where it is. The long lines and the form of tens of pages are filled with joy and glee. You will also see this on a small offer. Now imagine that the government is giving you land for free. After reading this line, a vicious smile spread on your face. So now be a little bit! These offers are not being offered by the Indian government, the bumper offer is open in Russia.


h2 style=”display:none”Here the Government is Giving Free ‘Land’, you did the Ticket!

The Putin government has decided to use 1 piece of free land on its surface so that they can give 1 hectare of land free for every citizen of the country. Provided that the landlord has to tell the government within a year how the land will be utilized. If the citizen of Russia wins the trust of the government, then he will be given 1 hectare of  free land of cost.

This land can not be sold or reCan Puppies Save Your Relationship ?nted for 5 years. After using the land for 5 years, he will also get the right of the original owner. Just the citizen will have to tell the Russian government for 3 years how he is using that land. Still, people of Russia are not showing much interest in this plan. Since 2016, a total of 93 thousand people applied, in which only 20 thousand people got approval.Now imagine, what would happen if such a scheme was run by the government of India? When people can freelish for a free SIM, then imagine what can be done for free land. At present, the government is not giving any such plan and there is no such hope if you are planning to take advantage of this scheme, then take the ticket of Russia. Because this land can also be received by foreigners, but only for use. It can be registered in the name of the citizens of Russia.

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