GST realizes Rs 92,283 crore in first month. Since July 1, 2017, the GST (commodity and service tax) has been enforced across India and in the first month after its implementation, the government has collected tax of Rs 92283 crore. 38.38 lakh returns were filed by 10 o’clock on the morning of 29 August 2017.

GST realizes Rs 92,283 crore in first month – India Virals |

A total of 38.38 lakh returns have been filed for this period, which is 64.42% of the total GST number holders. Central Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that in addition to the traders and composition dealers registered during August 2017 in GSTN, it was necessary for the month of July to file a return of 59.57 lakh businessmen or firms.

He said that till July 10, for the month of July 29, 2017, till 10 o’clock in the morning, the government has deposited Rs 9,223 crore in GST. Out of this, Rs 14894 crore in CGST item, Rs 22,722 crore in SGST item, Rs 47,469 crore in IGST item and Rs 7,198 crore in case of cess. According to the government, till 18th August, 2017, till 10 o’clock, 18.83 lakh new taxpayers have registered with GSTN.

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