New Delhi: Guru Mantra: This Move of Saturn will give you big success in business. Today is Saturday, so this topic will be discussed today on a special topic related to Saturn. Today, the curse of Saturn will be talked about, in the horoscope of your horoscope, you will find solutions to the problems coming from Saturn through this show.

Today, in this show, you will find answers to all these questions like where in the horoscope, the yoga of the Saturn, always giving the sadness to Saturn, the special signs of Saturn making rich, how Shani Dev gives success in business, In the work, Saturn will be pleased with the four moons, etc. will be discussed in today’s show.

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Know, how can you know that Shani is giving you happiness or giving happiness? Happiness and sadness are different symptoms. When God Himself gives happiness, then the person’s thinking completely changes and then no one censors in doing small tasks too.

Where in the horoscope there are yoga of Saturn, in your Jana, if there are any questions related to this subject then you will be able to answer all your questions. Astro Scientist GD Vashishta India News special program Guru Mantra.

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