Durga Happu Singh is seen in the role of Yogesh Tripathi, ‘Bhabiji is at home’. This character has made him popular at home. But there was a time when they had to rotate the production houses for a 30-second roll. After staggering for two years, Yogesh got Chloromant’s Ad in 2007, which was a huge hit. Yogesh told about his stride in a interview.

Happu Singh ever stood in the line of audition for 12 hours

What Yogesh said ?

According to Yogesh: “After four years of doing the theater in Lucknow, I came to Mumbai in 2005. I did not have any godfather here, but I had a lot of faith in myself, though luck has set me up for something else. ”

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  • “I staggered for a little roll for two years, you will not believe, but in these two years I just auditioned. I used to reach Venue at 10 am and kept on line for 12 hours, then My number was somewhere. However, the response to this hard work did not get positive. “

About first project of Happu Singh !

  • “I found the first Chloromant add-on in 2007. It became very popular among viewers.After appreciating my work, the ‘FIR’ (serial) team offered to do a side roll. For 6 years I worked on this show Done and played more than 160 characters, I started earning money from this show and never looked back.
  • The only thing that upsets me is that people recognize my characters but not me. Looks a bit bad But I do get this fact out. “(Smiles) !!

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Happu Singh ever stood in the line of audition for 12 hours

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