Car Driving: Older people often say that something has to be done in order to earn a name, but nothing will happen with the opposite work. But there is a brother-in-law who, together with his wife, do something upside down and the names are also earning. If you look at the style of the car with brother-in-law, if you look at them, you would also say that such a driving is not possible in this world.

There is no match for this person in car driving, only the aliens can give a collision!

Harpreet Dev, who lives in Bathinda, Punjab, is not less than a juggler. He has been running his car in the back gear for the last 12 years. And in these years, they have run around 65,000 kilometers in front of their vehicle. Now it is an alam that they have modified their cars according to their own accord. There are back gear 4 in their car and only one in front.

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Interesting Story Of Back Gear

The story of Harpreet’s back gear is as interesting as his feat. Once he had gone somewhere, his car was damaged in the way and he got trapped in the back gear. Harpreet told a news portal that there was no mechanic in the vehicle where there was a car, and neither was any remedy. Forcing them to get back in the back gear.

This incident gave Harpreet so much pleasure that since then she has not been able to drive straight. Since then, the car is still running in the back gear. Harpreet now drives his car in back gear at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour. His exploits have also been recorded in the Unique Record and Limca Book.

Wife also specializes in reverse work

Harpreet‘s life-style also specializes in such an art. They write Punjabi and English language in reverse style. Meaning Husband specializes in driving reverse car and wife reverse writing.

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