New Delhi / Bureau Earlier, HC asked about the situation of Panchkula- DGP will suspend. the High Court had warned about the condition of Panchkula in the morning that if the law is not in control, then the DGP The court can think about suspending it. The High Court had said in the issuing orders that the Central Government will provide proper security and force to the state government.

HC asked about the situation of Panchkula

Given the seriousness of the situation, the rest of the forces, including the Paramilitary Force, should be provided. In this regard, the central government should evaluate the situation at its own level and Haryana State also evaluate. Dera chief’s lawyer SK Garg Narwana was also asked for information regarding steps to be taken to deal with the situation in this regard.

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Why did not neighbors from the neighboring states on the action of the police in connection with the case, the court said why the officers remained silent. You are encouraging people to enter the Panchkula. The bench said that the basic administrative protocol was not followed and demanded protection from the Center is now under high pressure. He said that the neighboring states have not been synchronized with the seriousness of this matter at the beginning.

They have been formed in the petition filed by the DGP, including Haryana and the Punjab government. The party was made. However, given the seriousness of the case, the High Court has given the Central Government, CBI. And Dera also made the true deal Sirsa a party in the case. Haryana CM’s review of the security of CM’s of CM Manohar Lal Khattar, Chief Secretary, Home Secretary and D.P.P. From the meeting. He said that he will interact with Rajnath Singh for paramilitary forces and companies.

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