Mumbai: Read this sorrowful story of Hot Celina Jaitly, the mother of twins ! Actress Celina Jaitley was very happy last month when she gave birth to twins for the second time but after a while her sad news came when it came to know that one of her children died due to the defect in her heart.

Hot Celina Jaitly

Read this sorrowful story of Hot Hot Celina Jaitly, the mother of twins !

Celina Jaitly wrote a sad post about this on social media. In July, Selina’s father VK Jaitley died in Indore. On September 10 they gave birth to twins. His name was Arthur and Shamsher, but Shamsher died a day later. There was a problem in her heart. Celina wrote a post with a sad heart on the day of Dusshera – “My friends, fences and fellows, I am sharing a good and bad news on the day of Dussehra.

Hot Celina Jaitly

Second time, on September 10, my twins Arthur and Shamsher Jaitley Hagh was born but it is not always the same as we plan, because of the heart disease, Shamsher is no longer with us in this world. Ray and downs. Before father died and now son. But see the front beam of light in the dark tunnel, which we are now through Arthur. Celina of the entire post you can read here.

Hot Celina Jaitly

In 2011, Celina Jaitley married businessman Peter Hag and in March 2012, she gave birth to twins. Viraj and Winston are now 5 years old. Celina entered Bollywood in January 2003 and after leaving marriage she stopped working in films.

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