Human life will be in danger due to the continuation of ozone erosion. Jaunpur Concerned with the continuous degradation of the ozone layer, environmentalists have advised to implement the measures being taken more seriously. Dr. Kartikeya Shukla, professor of the Environment Department of Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University, said that due to the bad effect on the ozone layer of various activities being done in the world, it is constantly eradicating erosion, emission of poisonous gases and environmental imbalance.

ozone erosion

Human life will be in danger due to the continuation of ozone erosion

He said that similarly in the ozone layer the caries continue to exist, then the existence of humans, organisms, and vegetation on Earth will be in danger. The ozone layer also acts as a protective shield, preventing harmful ultraviolet rays coming from the sun to the Earth. He said that this year we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol. Following the guidelines of the Montreal Protocol, there has been a reduction in the emissions of HC FC and CSC due to which the erosion of the ozone layer has decreased.

ozone erosion

We also need to be alert in this direction in the future. Dr. Ashwani Tiwari, a former scientist from the Department of Environment and research scientist in Italy, introduced students to the use of ozone layer. He said that the use of new technology vehicle BS-4 should be widely used, which would lead to pollution control.

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