Human origin is just a coincidence on earth? A recent study said that the origin of human species on earth was just a coincidence. Unlike the general belief, it is probably not related to climate change. Many scientists argue that 28 to 25 million years old fossils found in Africa shows. There were indigenous species of animals, which included human species.

Human origin

Human origin is just a coincidence on earth? – India Virals |

Experts believe that such a large number of sudden, the emergence of new species of organisms can be the result of some long term macroeconomic events such as climate change. However, in a recent study, it has been said that there is a complete possibility that new species of organisms are only coincidental. This study has been published in the latest issue of ‘Paleobiology’ in the research papers.

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Andrew Barr of the University of George Washington says, “The idea of ​​the origin of human species has been hidden in depth in the history of fossil science, directly affected by climate change 25 million years ago.”

The bar says, “My study tells us that the reason for the ‘pulse’ that was born on Earth millions of years ago came due to unexpected fluctuations in the rate of pollution. That is why the human species originated at that time and at that time. In order to get the correct diagnosis, we will have to further expand our studies. ”

The general assumption is that when there is a major atmospheric change on Earth, new species are formed.

Although the entire process does not precisely define ‘pulse’. Therefore experts are concerned about which combination of atmospheric changes are considered to be the cause of species origin, and which pair is seen as an unexpected change. This study has forced scientists to think again about why human species became the most intelligent and refined on Earth.

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