Illegal weapons destroyed by road roller. City reporter Gwalior created by crushing indigenous tamers and cartridges recovered from crooks from 1964 to 2017.

Illegal weapons destroyed by road roller – India Virals |

The use of the bulldozer was usually seen to make the road construction or ballast crushing the stone, but the sight was very different in Gwalior Friday afternoon. Here the illegal weapons were thrown with the help of the bulldozer. In Gwalior’s DRP lines, action was taken to destroy these illegal weapons. These illegal weapons were confiscated by the police on various occasions from 1964 to 2017.

Such crushing weapons

Spread the country blacks, illegal weapons and cartridges collected from the miscreants on the police line on Friday and then crushed with a road roller and turned it into junk.

Illegal weapons

These weapons were kept in the police mall for many years. Police recovered illegal weapons from the miscreants. These arms are recovered and the police line goods are kept in the food. A few days ago, the court had ordered the destruction of these recovered arms. After that, the police officers reached the police line on Friday and brought out the country’s blacks and cartridges kept in the mall box. The soldiers spread these illegal weapons on the police line grounds.

The number of these weapons in the scrap of more than 4000 cutters was about 4000 and there were 1,500 cartridges. All these weapons were written and then crushed by bringing a roadroller. These weapons were rolled into a junk from Roadroller. The whole operation was completed in front of SDM Raghavendra Pandey.

The bulldozer was removed two or three times above these weapons. With this, it completely broke. It was taken care to destroy the cartridge in such a way that it did not explode. Now this junk will be auctioned. For many years, there was a rust in these weapons kept in food items.

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