Lazy Countries: Since childhood, we have heard that if there was any competition in the world, then there would be number one India. Apart from late-latifi, accidents, accidents happen due to laziness, apart from being forced to leave jobs, leaving girlfriends, laziness alone is responsible for such trauma. Some people at Stanford University researched the same thing about which country is more dull. You might be surprised to know, we lost in laziness, you will be stunned by reading the entire list.

What is the number of India in the world’s most lazy countries? Here’s a List

Maybe you are showing laziness to read the list but this may be interesting information for you. The scientists, who came under the insane category, created a list by combining data from around 7 million smartphone holders in 46 countries. In which countries were told about which country’s people are tidy and happy and the people of which country are called dull.

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Which country is tight, who dull the country?

According to the list, people of Hong Kong can say that they are the best people in the world. According to the survey, the citizens of the country run an average of around 6 kilometers (6883 steps per day) per day. While the people of Indonesia are absolutely tiresome and dull Remains. Those who suffer hard every two to three kilometers.

Stanford University Professor Scott Dealp (Bio-Engineer) has done all this study. In the conversation with the BBC, he said that this has been the biggest study till now, which is unique in itself. Before that, no information was gathered at such a large level and neither was there any research on it. According to their survey, Britain’s people are more agile than the United States. That’s where Chinas keep on moving faster than Japan.

If there was no short cut, then India would be number one!

In this match of agility, India’s performance average was less than that. In India, an average 4297 movements run daily. Our correspondent Ram Bharose has received a special comment on this information, he believes that people of Hindustan rely heavily on the name of the shortcut name, so he lagged behind in this list.

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