Indian classical dance being popular due to social media. Malaysian Bharatanatyam dancer Sangeeta Namaseem says that Indian classical dance is becoming popular across the world by the expansion of social media; Samyogya – The Divine Union dancer who came to Delhi for dance performances said that the internet was for dance as a medium Unexpected possibilities have opened.

Indian classical dance

He said, social media has given a global identity to Indian classical dance, and much more can be done to bring our traditional dance styles to the masses, though Sangeeta believes that the practice of neo-classical styles in the present time becomes a trend Traditional styles of Bharatanatyam are being given preference.

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Sangeeta brought laurels of marriage bonding to the stage with the dancers of Kalpana Dance Theater here in their presentation on the stage. He spelled the audience by giving dance performances on the wedding of three ladies – Sita, Meenakshi and Valli – Sangeeta first presented this presentation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital. -Engensee

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