Innocent Girl Wedding: She was only five years old and she had to get married then her father did, but then why was she in her eyes !!

Five Year Old Bride’s Six Year-Old Groom

Eilida Patterson is five years old and has married her best friend, Harrison Gear, of her six weeks. There was everything in this special wedding. Baratari decorated with bride, bride and superhero theme. All the decorations of the wedding were inspire with fairy tales. Nevertheless, everyone had tears in their eyes. This was because these nine bridal are the patients of terminal cancer and this marriage was done to fulfill their last wish.

After all, why did she come to this innocent girl wedding?

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Two Years Old was Diagnosed with illness.

Eileida’s mother said that when her age was only two years then she came to know that she is a cancer patient. Now, his life is running with the help of duaas. That is why when he expressed his wish to marry his best friend, he decided to fulfill his desire by talking to Harrison’s family. Harrison’s family fully supported. Harrison had said a year ago that she would marry Eileda. She also brought her mother’s ring for her too.

Brave My Daughter

Eidda’s father said with tearful eyes on this occasion that her daughter is very brave. Cancer disease snatched her beautiful hair but she could not snatch her innocent smile. He’s really a superhero. Both of them were married in a wedding hall in Scotland, where Eileida’s mother narrated a story of Disney, in which a bare brave princess never regards defeat by an ugly monster.

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