An innocent life was lost due to hospital negligence. In the district women’s hospital in Deoria, a grandfather broke his groan with grief. The woman’s helpless relatives continued to talk to doctors and ambulance drivers, but none of them listened. As long as the 108 Ambulance reached the death of the pregnant.

hospital negligence

An innocent life was lost due to hospital negligence – India Virals |

Champa Devi (40) wife Anil Choubey, living in Baranai village of Rampur factory station area, brought the family district hospital to the district on Monday after suffering labor.

hospital negligence

Where the doctor posted on duty examined the treatment. After some time, the doctor referred the woman to Gorakhpur. According to the doctor, the situation of women was serious due to lack of blood. The employees of the District Women Hospital put the paternity out of the hospital.

The woman was moaning with pain, but there was no one to ask her. The woman’s relatives started calling for 108 to take her to Gorakhpur. Even after calling for a long time, even after talking to the doctor, the ambulance was not available immediately.

Whereas three ambulances in the premises of the District Women Hospital were standing. During this time the mother died. About two hours later, the number 108 reached the ambulance, the angry family members ran and started ruckus. The police reached the information, quenched the woman’s family and exited the house. In this regard, CMS Dr. Mala Sinha said that pregnant women lacked blood. His condition was referred to the critical medical college. Ambulance 108 number comes online. Until the death of an ambulance mother had passed away. There was no negligence on the side of the doctor in the hospital.

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